The Sei Tensoku Ryu

The Sei Tensoku Ryu is the governing body for the martial art of Tensoku Ryu. The organization is responsible for establishing curriculum, guidelines, procedures, policies, and other elements that define and manage the art.

The Sei Tensoku Ryu performs the following functions for the art of Tensoku Ryu:

  • Issues verifiable certificates for Tensoku Ryu Dojo
  • Issues verifiable certificates for Tensoku Ryu Instructors
  • Issues verifiable ranking certificates for Tensoku Ryu Practitioners
  • Defines, updates, and promulgates the Tensoku Ryu Curriculum and Curriculum Cards
  • Writes and updates as required the Tensoku Ryu Student Manuals
  • Writes and updates as required the Tensoku Ryu Instructor Manual
  • Writes and updates various additional Tensoku Ryu books
  • Provides training videos and other media materials to support training goals and meet instructional needs.
  • Defines Tensoku Ryu uniforms, etiquette, and norms of behavior
  • Maintains relevant website and social media presence
  • Defines consistent and uniform testing standards, practices, and procedures.
  • Helps bring new and existing practitioners into the art
  • Helps bring new and existing Dojo into the art
  • Maintains organization finances
  • Establishes, aids, or helps coordinate various events including ranking examinations (usually limited to senior practitioners), seminars, tournaments, and demonstrations.

Each Tensoku Ryu Dojo is separately approved by the Sei Tensoku Ryu and issued a unique certificate. Every instructor is likewise certified as a qualified Tensoku Ryu instructor. You can always verify that you are dealing with a qualified Tensoku Ryu Dojo, instructor, or certified practitioner by contacting the Sei Tensoku Ryu. We maintain meticulous records of all certifications that we issue and can readily verify any certificate.

Tensoku Ryu Dojo adhere to the training guidance and curriculum materials provided by the Sei Tensoku Ryu. This is done to ensure all Tensoku Ryu Dojo provide essentially the same level of training and skills development so that two people of comparable rank from different Dojo have the same essential skills and abilities.  Dojo also closely adhere to the requirements and guidance established in the book Establishing and Operating a Tensoku Ryu Dojo.  This book is full of useful information for any Dojo operator, not simply those who wish to become a Tensoku Ryu Dojo.

Instructors go through rigorous training to achieve this position. The Tensoku Ryu Instructor’s Manual provides extensive training on teaching skills, best practices, responsibilities, testing procedures, and everything an instructor must know to be an effective leader and teacher.  Like the book on running a Dojo, the instructor’s manual offers key insights and skills that are valuable to all martial arts instructors.

Much of the information about and from the Sei Tensoku Ryu is available online.