The Sei Tensoku Ryu is responsible for establishing numerous standards and guidelines which help define the behavior of various persons and entities in the organization.  Here is a partial list of some of these guidelines.

  • General Reishiki (etiquette) to be observed by students, instructors, and Dojo
  • General safety procedures and requirements
    • Dojo safety and safe practices, including equipment safety, first aid, evacuation procedures and related safety activities.
    • Student practice guidelines
    • Equipment and equipment usage requirements
    • Instructor safety training guidelines
  • Standards of uniform and dress while at a Dojo or Sei Tensoku Ryu sponsored event
  • Standards of weapons inspection and weapon quality
  • Standardized instructional approaches and methodologies
  • Kumite sparring guidelines and procedures
  • Full contact sparring guidelines and procedures
  • Grappling guidelines and procedures
  • Operating procedures of the Sei Tensoku Ryu
  • Dojo certification requirements
  • Instructor certification requirements

These guidelines are intended to define and provide a common culture that is exhibited by all Tensoku Dojo and practitioners. While we strive to provide a great deal of autonomy to members of the organization we also wish to ensure that any practitioner will feel comfortable and behave appropriated when attending any Tensoku Ryu Dojo, event, or activity.