Additional Teaching Resources to Consider

Over time you may wish to improve your teaching facilities and abilities by acquiring some additional resources. Here are some things you might consider. None of these are requirements.


The Sei Tensoku Ryu offers several books that discuss various topics related to our art and teaching. You may want to consider copies of This is Tensoku Ryu and The Tensoku Ryu Instructor’s Manual.


A stopwatch or a stopwatch app will prove useful at various times. You might use one to time how long a student takes to perform a Kata or to see how quickly the student can perform a task such as delivering twenty kicks in rapid succession. While a stopwatch is not essential you will find ample use for one after having acquired it.

Graphic Display Devices

A large TV or computer monitor can make it much easier to see and watch a student when you are conduction video conference lessons. This is not something to run out an purchase on your first day, but if you find it increasingly frustrating to see what your students are doing or if you find yourself squinting repeatedly, then a larger display device of some kind might be something to consider. This is especially true if you spend much of each day providing video lessons.

Weapons Storage Facility

If you have students visiting your facility then you need to consider having a place to store weapons that are not in use. If you provide weapons for students to use then they should, for safety reasons, be placed on appropriate racks or shelving. Weapons not in use should never be propped in a corner or leaned against a wall. All weapons not in use should have a defined storage location.

If students bring their weapons to your facility then you should have a place where they can store these weapons for the duration of their lesson. When the weapon is not in use it should be safely stored in your provided storage facility.

The Sei Tensoku Ryu provides instructions on how to make viable weapons storage racks. The book titled Establishing and Operating a Martial Arts School by Richard Munson provides detailed instructions on how to build and install a set of attractive and functional storage racks.

Training Shoes

If you are standing all day while teaching students your feet can get quite tired. They might also get quite cold if you live in a colder climate. If you experience these problems then you might wish to invest in a pair of quality martial arts training shoes. There are many brands and styles available and you are sure to find something to help your feet without much effort.

Black Tape and Scissors

If you have students training in your facilities then you will need to apply stripes to student belts when they have passed a Stripe Test. This is commonly done with black electrical (or similar) tape. Laying out and cutting two 6″ (15 cm) lengths of tape is sufficient to wrap around most belts. A roll of 3/4″ (19 mm) tape will normally last a long time. The tape is available in any well-stocked hardware or electrical supply store.

Sei Tensoku Ryu Artwork

Several instructional artworks are available via the Sei Tensoku Ryu. Artwork depicting escaping patterns, Japanese anatomical names, stance positions, and other aspects of our training can be found on the Sei Tensoku Ryu website. These are useful if students train at your facilities or if you want to provide some relevant artwork for your walls.

Additional Certificate Copies

You can purchase additional copies of your Sensei Certificate via the Sei Tensoku Ryu website. This might be useful if you teach in multiple locations or if you want to display one of these attractive art pieces in your home or office.

Bags and Pads

If students train in your facilities you will quickly find a need for standup training bags and various training pads. Large freestanding bags are useful when training students on how to kick, punch, or strike using other martial arts skills. Hand pads, kicking pads, and standup bags will both save you some bruises and help your students work on accuracy and striking intensity. These striking targets are readily available from many online martial arts supply websites. Once you have some of these bags you will use them extensively.

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