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If you are an experienced martial arts instructor, or an experienced martial artist who would like to become a martial arts instructor, and like what you read on this site and at, then please contact us to investigate the possibility of becoming a Tensoku Ryu instructor and perhaps becoming an authorized Tensoku Ryu Dojo.

We welcome interest from martial artists of all disciplines. Whether your background is in Karate, Jujitsu, Wushu, Escrima, Kenpo (or Kempo), Taekwondo, Aikido, Iaido, or any other martial art form we believe you will be able to contribute to our knowledge while we contribute substantially to yours. We do not feel any martial art is superior to another, including ours. Every martial art and every practitioner has much to offer us and our students. And we believe we can return the favor. We encourage you to consider joining us if you find that what we teach and represent as a martial art form is interesting, appropriate, challenging, and sound.

Becoming a Tensoku Ryu instructor does take some time to learn and appreciate our intended skill sets, methods of instruction, and conceptual knowledge. We strive to make this transitional period short and focused, but obviously the amount of time required will depend greatly on your previous background and how rapidly you can assimilate information that may at times be challenging.

It is not necessary that you be a Dojo owner or affiliated with an existing Dojo. While these things can be beneficial they are not requirements.

We are selective about who we mentor to become instructors. We do not bestow instructor status on anyone who simply wants to be an instructor. You must be a competent and experienced martial artist, have a certain level of maturity (not determined by age), be willing and anxious to learn, and truly desire to share your knowledge and experiences with others. If you do not yet have all of these characteristics then we suggest you consider undertaking instruction in Tensoku Ryu (or another effective art) until you have achieved these prerequisites. We are happy to help anyone plan and plot a course so they can work toward becoming a Tensoku Ryu instructor. That is, after all, a large part of what the Sei Tensoku Ryu is all about.

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  1. I’m interested in your organization. Training history: 40+ years. Retired military operator, doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
    Training is very important to me…
    Please confirm receipt.

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