The Spulman County Mysteries

A small county in the remote Pacific Northwest is an idyllic place to live. Tall mountains, verdant forests, wild rivers, plentiful lakes, and lush farms make it a picturesque and enjoyable place to live or die. No place is without crime, and even a sparsely populated and peaceful county is not without its criminal element. The meager resources of a small county sheriff are put to the test in this novel series.

The Spulman County Mysteries-Casual Mention

A dead man on a lonely isolated stretch of ocean beach, a missing vehicle, a missing weapon, and no apparent motive leaves the Spulman County Sheriff’s Department desperately in search of why, how, and where the victim was killed. Nothing makes sense, and what little they learn leaves the detectives feeling they know less than before.

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The Spulman County Mysteries-Breakfast Encounter

While performing a welfare check on a middle-aged man, deputies discovered the man slumped over his breakfast table with a gunshot to his forehead. His untouched breakfast sits on the kitchen counter but it is the only obvious evidence about when the murder occurred or who might be involved. No weapon, signs of forced entry, fingerprints, or blood evidence leads to a likely suspect. Only diligent police work will lead investigators in the right direction.

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Coming in Early 2020