The Enigma Chronicles Book Series

The Enigma Chronicles is a book series describing the events that occur following the unexpected and unorthodox arrival of an alien in a small town community park. The series describes events that are likely to occur under such circumstances and discusses the implications of such an event for the human race.

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The Enigma Chronicles-The Down Time

An alien spaceship of advanced design and capabilities streaks across the countryside and ultimately lands in a small community park. A few minutes later a very strange and unexpected creature emerges. What do we do now? What are the capabilities of this alien? What are the implications of such an event? What do these very strange aliens intend to do next?

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 The Enigma Chronicles-The Trying Time

The world has begun to recover from the turmoil resulting from the realization that we are not alone in the universe. Positive efforts lead to plans for recovering the economy, dealing with the alien visitor, and defending the planet, but these efforts are challenged by the actions of the aliens.

Coming in August 2019.

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The Enigma Chronicles-The Dormant Time

The world attempts to prepare for the unknown. The aliens know we are here. They have advanced technologies, knowledge, and abilities, but they have never provided any hint about their intentions. What do we do now? What can we do now?

Coming in December 2019.

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The Enigma Chronicles-The Visiting Time

They’re back. They’ve arrived by the hundreds and what they want is totally unexpected.

Coming in early 2020.

The Enigma Chronicles-The Away Time

An exploration of the potential nature of a totally alien culture. Things will be very different from now on.

Coming in 2020.

Future Books in the Series

Future books will explore the ongoing developing relationships between two planets with very different genetic lineages, cultures, perspectives, and behaviors. It should be an interesting ride…

Coming in 2021 and Beyond.