The Enigma Chronicles

The Down Time

What might really happen if extraterrestrials make contact with our planet. How would we and our institutions likely react?

What turmoil might occur within our governmental institutions, international relations, world economies, and social interactions if we are in fact visited by an alien presence with whom we cannot communicate and with whom we share no common points of reference. Interesting question. Learn more...

The Enigma Chronicles

The Trying Time

The Second Novel in the Series

This novel picks up immediately after the conclusion of the first book in the series. A new president tries desperately to rescue the failing economy and to preserve and protect the country's most vital secrets. A major push is undertaken to meet the aliens on their own turf-space. A lead character must risk their freedom to disclose a heinous secret. Learn more...

Spulman County Mysteries

Casual Mention

The first novel in the Spulman County Mysteries series.

A middle-aged man is found dead at dawn on a remote and isolated beach. He was seen hours before and could not have made it to the beach on foot, yet no means of transportation is found. The case is baffling for the detectives and Sheriff Carl Maclin of the Spulman County Sheriff's Department. Learn more...

This is Tensoku Ryu

A thorough and complete discussion of the martial art of Tensoku Ryu.
Includes information on the art's culture and philosophy, curriculum for each belt ranking, advancement criteria, and how the art is structured and managed from an organizational perspective. Learn more...

Tensoku Ryu Instructor's Manual

The complete guide to teaching the martial art of Tensoku Ryu

Information every Tensoku Ryu instructor should understand before engaging with students.

Every instructor must be properly trained before he or she begins to teach. Training not only covers subjects an instructor must teach, but also includes how to handle emergencies, dealing with difficult people, and simple things like opening and closing the school. There is a great deal one needs to know in order to be an effective Tensoku Ryu instructor Learn more...