I grew up in California, moving roughly every three months to a new town – the side effect of parents who would only ever pay first and last months rent. After somehow managing to graduate high school I joined the U.S. Navy at the height of the Vietnam War.

After spending seven years in the submarine service I left the Navy and eventually attended U.C. Berkeley where I received my bachelor’s degree in computer science. I subsequently spent many years working as a software developer at various startup companies in and around Silicon Valley. In my final two positions in the computer industry, I served as the vice president of engineering. During these years I developed an ability to write extremely long and detailed specifications for software systems. These specifications detailed all aspects of how the system should work, what it should look like, and how the software should be structured. And yes – these documents were every bit as boring as they sound.

I have been active in the martial arts since 1984, and have been a practicing martial arts instructor since 1988. I am the founder of the martial art of Tensoku Ryu and the author of books that define and describe various aspects of that art and the martial arts in general. I continue to write books in this genre and post articles on the Tensoku Ryu website.

I also write fiction novels to explore many of the weird and varied themes that have kicked around in my head for years. I am the author of the science fiction book series The Enigma Chronicles and of the forthcoming book series The Spulman County Mysteries. The two series explore and address a very different subject matter.

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