Casual Mention Update


I’m slightly over 15,000 words into the first novel in the continuing mystery series, The Spulman County Murders. I expect the novel to finish at about 100,000 words and things are progressing nicely toward the planned publication of Casual Mention by the last day in October. The full title of the book will be The Spulman County Mysteries-Casual Mention.

I have devised a working book cover (at left) which I like so far. Let me know what you think.

As I get further into the book I will also begin to work on inside and back cover text and a little blurb for Amazon Kindle readers. That won’t happen until the story is fleshed out a bit further, though.


Here is a little background information on the Spulman County Mysteries novels.

Spulman county is a fictitious county in the Pacific Northwest. It borders the Pacific Ocean to the west and rugged mountains along its eastern expanse. Within its borders are pristine lakes, rugged mountains, rushing streams, meandering rivers, ocean resorts, and quaint fishing villages. Along the central corridor of the county are farms, golf courses, camping sites, and several small towns and cities. Spulman County is rural with extensive wilderness areas providing ample opportunities for adventurous recreation, and plenty of places to hide a body.

The people of Spulman County are generous, courteous, and practical, but the county is not devoid of greed, jealousy, hate, anger, and deceit. You know, the kind of things that make interesting reading.

Sheriff Carl Maclin is the primary law enforcement officer in the county. His department patrols the county and provides contract police services for the larger cities in the county. The medical examiner, county jail, and detective services are all part of the Spulman County Sheriff’s Department. His department also has fledgling airborne, marine, SWAT, bomb, and K9 Units to help patrol the vast and remote areas within the county.

The detectives investigate all crimes within the county but rely heavily on state and federal agencies for forensic analysis, toxicology reports, and other clinical and investigative services. When you are a small county with limited resources you learn to be creative and expect delays.

The sheriff is a stickler for procedure and discipline. Deputies who are lax in their duties, disrespectful, or irresponsible quickly regret their behavior. Sheriff Maclin is equally quick to reward those who work hard and produce good results.

This first book challenges the sheriff and detective team to solve a murder in which little makes sense. It seems the more the sheriff and his team learn, the less they know. Join them as they strive to unravel the clues surrounding a mysterious death at the base of a tall seaside cliff.


I expect to publish Casual Mention by the end of October. I will then make a quick detour to publish a book I have already written about starting and managing a martial arts studio. Once that is complete, I plan to return to produce the third book in the series The Enigma Chronicles. That book will be subtitled The Dormant Time and I hope to publish it by the end of the year. After that, I’ll return to the Spulman Mysteries with the publication of The Spulman County Mysteries-Breakfast Encounter early in 2020. I will then essentially alternate between the publication of books in both The Enigma Chronicles and The Spulman County Murders.

Wish me luck.


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