The Trying Time Draws Near

Today I finished the final major edits of my next book, The Enigma Chronicles-TheTrying Time. I previously completed several rounds of grammar checks using three different grammar checkers (which often disagree). Now I’ll make one more full pass through the book, do a final check of grammar and spelling, rework the cover art, write synopsis information for the back cover and inside flap, convert the book to an eBook format, double-check everything, and finally publish the book. It sounds like a lot of work, but things should progress fairly smoothly from here.

It looks like I remain on track for publication in August. This will be the second book in the series The Enigma Chronicles. The third book in the series is tentatively scheduled for publication in December of 2019. That book will be titled The Enigma Chronicles-The Dormant Time.

I’ve also been researching, diagramming the plot, and doing some writing for my next book. This next book (which I will publish prior to The Enigma Chronicles-The Dormant Time) will be the first book in an entirely different series. That series should debut in October of 2019 (if all goes well). It is not a science fiction series.

I will also publish an additional martial arts book in late November of this year. That will not represent a major undertaking since I have a complete draft already. It simply needs review, some editing, and of course, grammar checking.

Between now and the end of the year I hope to publish four books (including The Enigma Chronicles-TheTrying Time). It’s an aggressive schedule, but I think it can be done. Wish me luck.


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