Enigma Chronicles Update

I am busily editing the draft of the second book in the Enigma Chronicles Series. This second book, The Enigma Chronicles – The Trying Time, continues immediately after the conclusion of the first book, The Enigma Chronicles – The Down Time. This series is about an ongoing close encounter of the fifth kind. The aliens in this series are, well, not what you’d expect.

I have completed the first full draft of The Trying Time and I am in the process of updating, supplying additional details where relevant, cleaning up the language, checking for punctuation and spelling errors and all of the other tasks associated with turning a draft into an actual book.

I already have a tentative book cover (which may change before release) and I currently don’t see a need for any other materials beyond those I already have in place, with the exception of updates to web pages related to the book as it nears release. Now it’s simply a matter of keeping my head down and working to produce the strongest and most compelling work I can. I am pleased with what is emerging and I think you will be as well.

Everything is still on schedule to make the book available in August of 2019. Once that occurs I’ll begin work on the third installment of the Enigma Chronicles series. The third book will be titled The Enigma Chronicles – The Dormant Time. I’ll post more information about that book as it begins to take shape. There are several additional books planned beyond the third book in the series, so you should have plenty to read about the exploits of Vicki, Jonathan, EONE, the human race, and these bizarre and troubling aliens and their mysterious spacecraft.

I have also begun work on another book series. This time it’s a mystery series rather than a science fiction series. Stay tuned for more information on an upcoming new series devoted to major crimes in a fictitious small county. Here’s a not so subtle hint.





Finally, I also plan to release a new martial arts book this autumn. The book should prove vitally useful to anyone interested in starting their own martial arts business.

Well, there’s plenty to do, so I’d better get back to work. I hope you’re having a great day.

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