Brown Belt Kakutou

In the prior belt you studied fundamental grappling skills. Now you will begin to put these skills to work. In this belt you will learn specific grappling strategies and methods that allow you to control and manage an opponent when one or both of you are on the ground. Studies include escaping, clinching, Nage Waza application, reversals, Kansetsu Waza application, submissions, defensive strategies, and dealing with multiple opponents.

This is demanding training. It requires excellent physical conditioning, excellent endurance, and raw determination. The training is often exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. If you have not already found a way to work on overall muscle strength and endurance I suggest you immediately start to prepare yourself for the rigors of this training. Your instructor will, of course, take your age and general abilities into consideration when working with you to develop the necessary skills and experience.

Our goal is to ensure you have excellent ground skills in the event you find yourself on the ground in a conflict (which frequently happens). You should not experience an, “Oh, no! Now what do I do?”, moment. You should know how to immediately work to secure control of your situation. It is not our goal to punish you, but handling the various situations you could realistically encounter takes dedicated training and focused effort. These in turn require extensive practice and frequent exertion.

Like everything in Tensoku Ryu you work toward these goals in a steady progression. This progression began in your last belt where we work via drills to establish sound skills and improve overall strength and endurance. That training now continues and you will slowly be introduced to increasing levels of skill and required effort as you work toward your Brown Belt.

Brown Belt Kakutou

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