Brown Belt Buki

The weapons training provided in this belt curriculum deals primarily with the Tanto (knife) and Bokken. This represents an introduction to and initial study of bladed weapons.

When studying the Tanto you will work with the traditional Japanese long knife. You will also work with modern knives of varying sizes and shapes so that you have a sound appreciation for how these weapons are best handled and utilized, and how you might defend yourself against someone using a similar weapon. Training is usually done with wood, rubber, or plastic replicas and never with a live blade. Any metal, ceramic, or other potentially sharp weapon brought to a Dojo must undergo inspection by a qualified instructor before use for any training purpose. Live blades should never be used for training and practitioners should never wield, swing, thrust, or otherwise deploy a live knife blade in a Dojo.

The Bokken studies in this belt primarily deal with skills development. The primary method for teaching these skills is through a variety of drills and exercises designed to both increase muscle strength and weapon familiarity. Studies focus on blocking, striking, parrying, and avoidance skills practitioners may employ when using or defending against a Bokken. Very preliminary introductions to Nukikata, Noto, Chiburi, and Zanshin are discussed, but the primary focus on these skills is left until practitioners begin to study the Katana.

In the course of this training you will also explore how the Tanto and Bokken are best employed when defending against other weapons such as the Sai, Tonfa, and Nunchaku.

Brown Belt Buki

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