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Sei Tensoku Ryu Publications


A detailed overview of both the art of Tensoku Ryu and the Sei Tensoku Ryu, the organization that defines and manages the art of Tensoku Ryu. The book provides detailed discussions about the entire Tensoku Ryu curriculum, the extensive set of weapons with which we train, our sparring and grappling arts, the various belt ranks and our ranking examinations, as well as the structure and operation of the Sei Tensoku Ryu. This is an insightful read for any Tensoku Ryu practitioner, potential Tensoku Ryu student, and anyone interested in our art or in the martial arts in general.
Though intended as an instructional manual for Tensoku Ryu martial arts instructors the material provided is useful for anyone who teaches or aspires to teach any martial art. The manual covers instructional responsibilities, requisite skills, training methodologies, dealing with students, managing and encouraging student promotions, testing practices and procedures, Dojo operations, working with children, and much more. This extensive and comprehensive guide is required reading for every Tensoku Ryu instructor and will prove invaluable for anyone who teaches or wishes to teach any martial art.


We have provided a downloadable spreadsheet template that may help those who are considering opening a Tensoku Ryu Dojo (or anyone else planning to open a Dojo) do some initial financial planning and analysis. The information in the template is divided into six separate spreadsheets. Each spreadsheet provides and supports different information and calculations. The spreadsheet covers nearly every financial issue a new Dojo owner should consider, including how long it will take to achieve profitability. The spreadsheet can be readily customized so you can add additional cost and income considerations that fit your specific situation. Clicking the link at left will take you to the appropriate page on our Sei Tensoku Ryu website (the site provides management information for our organization) where you can download the spreadsheet. You should review this informative spreadsheet if you have ever considered operating any type of martial arts school, studio, or Dojo.
Developing a sound Martial Arts Dojo Business Plan can be a daunting task. The Sei Tensoku Ryu provides a downloadable series of Excel spreadsheets and other tools that facilitate production of key business plan financial statements. These worksheets automate most of the tasks related to production of these essential elements in a business plan.

The article at left provides an overview and download link to our Business Plan Template and Assumptions-based Business Financials Spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will help automate preparation of the Income Statement, Cash Flow Projection, and Balance Sheet. You enter your base assumptions and the worksheet automatically prepares the three financial statements from your assumptions.


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