Green Belt Sparring

We will cover sparring in more detail. For your belt test you will need to demonstrate some proficiency in what is best described as full contact sparring. This is the type of fighting a typical assailant might employ initially in a conflict. You will want to be familiar with this type of sparring so that you can better anticipate the movements, strategies, and behaviors of someone who initially engages you in this manner.

There is no requirement that anyone participate in any full contact activities. While we think that it is hard to gain a full appreciation of timing, distancing, mental conditioning, and fighting strategies if you have not sparred in this manner, we understand that some students have an aversion to being struck or to striking others. If you do not wish to participate in full contact sparring let you instructor know and he or she will work with you to practice the required skills without involving any contact. You will still need to demonstrate sparring skills, in a non-contact manner, during your ranking examination.

Sparring Skills

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