Green Belt Shintai

Most of the movement skills at the Green Belt level deal with utilizing an offensive mentality or with improving the efficiency of movement. These are both large areas of study at this curriculum level.


Within the Green Belt curriculum you are likely to find that movements become more efficient, precise, abstract, and perhaps more insightful. Some movement skills may seem impractical or of doubtful ...
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In the first belt material we discussed a variety of stepping pattern movement sequences that we referred to as Escaping Patterns. These stepping sequences were presented as a way to ...
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Within the Tensoku Ryu system it is considered to be inappropriate and a violation of our basic principles to goad or otherwise chide a person into a physical confrontation. We ...
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In this article we will discuss some methods by which you might generate movement in yourself or our opponent. This is a relatively mixed group of movement ideas and methods ...
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