Blue Belt Keri No Waza

We have some good news and some bad news. Let’s start with the good news. This is the last belt in which you will formally learn any new kicks. You will not be asked to formally demonstrate any kicks you might learn after the material in this belt. You’re almost done with learning new kicks.

The bad news is the kicks in this belt are very hard, tiring, and demanding. They are also some of the most interesting and flashy kicks in the entire Tensoku Ryu curriculum. They can also be quite exhausting. But you will be introduced to the kicks in a manner that allows you to slowly develop the methods and conditioning necessary to do the kicks well.

It is especially important for these kicks that you start slowly and limit the elevation of your kicks initially. Some kicks will fail miserably if you overexert yourself or kick higher than your current stretch will allow. Do each kick in a very controlled manner initially. Over time you will be able to kick with the best of them.

You will learn various spinning, jumping, and falling kicks. In some cases, you will find kicks that fall into two different categories. For example, you might perform a jumping and spinning kick. As we mentioned earlier, these kicks can be quite demanding. But they can also be quite fun.

Here are the kicks you must master to achieve the rank of Gokyu.

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