Purple Belt Sukiru

In this article we will cover some specific skills you will be required to demonstrate in order to advance to Purple Belt. You should be familiar with all of these methods and be able to demonstrate any of them during an examination.

You will be introduced to some additional thoughts about your posture, methods for gaining your release from headlock and choke holds, as well as other intricate and sometimes severe methods for dealing with a threatening opponent.


Common chokeholds (different from a rear-naked choke) are interesting attacks. In most cases, the attacker has placed themselves in severe jeopardy, and then mistakenly believes they hold the upper hand ...
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One of the most common types of grabs is a headlock. The opponent encircles your neck with one or both arms, trapping your head and limiting or preventing your movement ...
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A Kiai (pronounced key-aye for those speaking English) is a short and loud burst of noise from your vocal cords. It derives from your abdomen and you deliver it through ...
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In this article, we will discuss ways in which you may cause significant bodily harm or pain to an assailant. These methods will be quite graphic. They are not intended ...
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In Japanese, the word Kamae (Gamae) means posture. It refers to not only how you stand and sit, but how you structure yourself before and during a conflict. In this ...
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