Purple Belt Shintai

We begin to study movement much more thoroughly within the Purple Belt curriculum. It is a critical part of your martial arts studies to which you should devote significant time and contemplation.

We study not only how you move, but how an opponent moves. This leads to consideration of how both of you move concurrently, often as a system. In future belt material this will lead to systemic studies. For now, we lay the groundwork for much of the future studies of systemic movements and movement patterns.


This concept suggests that if you move a person’s head then his or her body will move in the same direction. If you move the head back, the body will ...
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Indirect movement is the process of causing some specific part of the human anatomy to move by moving a different part of the human anatomy. You move Part B to ...
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In this article, we will cover various aspects of moving. We will discuss how to move appropriately in some situations and how you might employ movement strategically. This article will ...
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As we discussed elsewhere, Ma Ai refers to the engagement distance between yourself and an opponent. How you might elect to move can be determined by the magnitude of this ...
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The stepping patterns introduced in this belt deal with remaining at a neutral distance from your opponent. Using any of the Neutral Stepping Patterns below will place you in a ...
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