Purple Belt Buki

For the first time in Tensoku Ryu you will become proficient at the use of multiple weapons (Buki). To achieve your next belt ranking you must demonstrate proficiency at the general handling and use of the Jo, Bo, and Hanbo weapons, including proficiency at six new weapons Kata.

You will explore the Bo and Hanbo weapons to one another and to the Jo. The behavior of these weapons, when compared to one another is often not as straight forward as you might initially think. Each weapon has great benefits and tremendous deficits which you need to understand and appreciate. You want to understand the benefits of a weapon so you might employ it for maximum effect. You also want to understand the weaknesses and limitations of each weapon so you can take advantage of someone who is using such a weapon.


You will be introduced to two additional Jo Kata in this belt. These Kata are more involved than earlier Jo Kata and stress the importance of movement sequences, throwing, and ...
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The Bo weapon is also introduced at this belt. In Japanese, the word ‘Bo’ means ‘Staff.’ The Bo is longer than the Jo and may have any of the following ...
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In Japanese, the word “Han” can mean half. So a Hanbo is half of a Bo. As a result, it is typically 36” or roughly one meter in length. This ...
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