Purple Belt Anatomy

For the first time you will begin to study human anatomy in significant detail. Here are just a few of the many reasons why anatomical studies are important:

Benefits of Anatomical Studies

  • They help you understand strengths and weaknesses of the body. This is useful for both knowing where to strike an opponent in a given situation, and when and where to protect yourself.
  • They show you how various systems of the body rely on one another and how disturbing or enhancing one part of the body can impact another part of the body.
  • They provide insights about how to manipulate the human structure to preclude, predict, or encourage future movements.
  • They help you better understand any injuries or illnesses you may have over time.
  • They provide insights into how you might reduce stress, anxiety, and distress to improve your current condition.
  • They help to preserve the quality and extend the duration of life.

Through the remainder of your studies in Tensoku Ryu you will examine, in great detail, the various systems of the human anatomy. We begin with the Circulatory System.


Discussions of anatomy, anatomical features, and anatomical processes are intended for informational use only and are neither intended nor should they be used for medical diagnosis or as medical advice. Always consult with a physician regarding any medical or physiological decisions, questions, choices, or options. Never rely on the following anatomical discussions for any medical or physiological advice.

We strive to be accurate in our presentation of anatomical information but there may well be some errors in the material we have provided. We also are unable, within the scope of this website, to provide everything related to the anatomical topics we cover. You are encouraged to review other sources of information on anatomical studies to broaden your understanding, verify, reinforce, or refute our information, and explore anatomical studies in more detail. There are countless books, web pages, and videos on anatomical matters that can provide you with further information and detailed analysis of anatomical topics.

Anatomical Topics

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