Kuikku Bouei Sandan

This version of Kuikku Bouei is based on the Destroy option of the ETD model. As a result, this Kata is quite violent in nature. The methods used in this Kata should only be used when you feel there is immediate danger of significant injury to yourself or others.

You will likely notice a substantial difference between this Kata and the previous two in this series. It is perhaps obvious by now, but try to understand why this Kata takes much more energy than the previous two Kata in this series.

Kuikku Bouei Sandan Procedure

This Kata definition relies heavily on Octagon abbreviations. If you are unfamiliar with these abbreviations you will want to visit the Octagon link at the bottom of the page.

IchiPerform the traditional opening salutation.
NiShips in the Night DRaise your hands to an effective guard position and Step L5R1. Immediately slide your left foot forward to form a temporary Migi Ura Neko Ashi Dachi F1 then step back L4 into a transitional Hidari Sochin Dachi F8.
SanShips in the Night DWithout stepping continue rotating CCW as you first deliver a Jodan Hidari Tettsui Uchi T6 and then a Migi Gedan Tate Ken Tsuki T6 as you settle into a Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi F6.
YonVapor DShuffle L1R7 to form Heiko Dachi F4 and then strike with Migi Yoko Geri T2. Return the right leg by stepping L8 into Migi Sochin Dachi F2.
GoVapor DShift forward into a Migi Zenkutsu Dachi F2 as you strike with first a Jodan Migi Uraken Uchi and then a Jodan Hidari Gyaku Tsuki. Immediately raise the left knee and strike with Hidari Mae Geri T2, returning the right foot adjacent to the pedestal leg to form Heiko Dachi F2.
RokuFool’s Hold DLower your chin to your chest as you bend both knees significantly and place your right forearm across your lower back to protect both kidneys. Now step L5 (or L3) into Migi Juji Dachi F2 as you bend deeply forward at the waist. Your torso should be parallel to the ground such that your chest is just above your right knee. Strike with Hidari Ushiro Age Shuto Uchi T7.
NanaFool’s Hold DWhile remaining in this low posture rotate CCW until you are in forward leaning Kiba Dachi F7. Without lifting your torso strike with Migi Gedan Tate Haito Uchi T7. While keeping a low stance raise your torso to a vertical orientation as you strike with Hidari Chudan Angled Fist T7. Straighten your legs somewhat and strike with Migi Jodan Ken Tsuki T7. Step forward R1 to establish Heiko Dachi F1.
HachiLone Rail DPress down on the top of your right shoulder with your open left hand as you concurrently raise your right closed hand directly upward at nearly full extension. Immediately step L7 to form Migi Sochin Dachi F2 while keeping your hands in their current locations. Press firmly downward with the left hand while delivering Migi Otoshi Empi Uchi such that your right elbow completes the movement near your right hip.
KuLone Rail DPlace your open left hand at the Jodan level near your center. The fingers of your left hand should point T2. Now strike with Migi Jodan Mae Empi Uchi T2 so the elbow strikes into your stationary left hand. Do not return your right arm, but instead allow your right fist to come to rest against your left ribs immediately below your still stationary left arm.
JuLone Rail DNow quickly reverse the direction of movement of the right arm and strike with Migi Jodan Yoko Empi Uchi T1.
Ju IchiLone Rail DAs this elbow strike makes contact extend the right arm such that you can immediately strike (without any form of retraction) with a Migi Jodan Tettsui Uchi T2. Return this strike by moving the right fist near your right ear. As this return movement is taking place strike concurrently with Hidari Jodan Ura Tettsui Uchi T2 by rotating into Migi Zenkutsu Dachi F2, and then return the left hand to guard position. Now immediately strike with Migi Jodan Tate Tettsui Uchi T2 as you shift back into Migi Sochin Dachi F2.
Ju NiParallel Universe DShuffle forward slightly R8L8 while remaining in Migi Sochin Dachi F2. As you shuffle, raise both arms upward, flaring your elbows outward slightly and strike with Morote Jodan Juji Ippon Nukite Tsuki T2. The back of both hands should touch one another as these strikes are delivered.
Ju SanParallel Universe DMove both arms outward briskly. The open left hand will move into a Chudan checking guard position as the closed right hand descends, in a circular manner moving initially T8, until the right fist is immediately above your right hip.
Ju YonParallel Universe DRotate immediately CCW into Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi F4 as you concurrently strike with Migi Chudan Ura Ken Tsuki T4. Return your right arm to guard position and raising your right knee, deliver Migi Gedan Yoko Kekomi Geri T8. Return this kick by stepping R7L7 to from Heiko Dachi F4.
Ju GoMoving Target DEnsure both hands are in guard position and step L7R7 into Heisoku Dachi F2 and then immediately step R2 to form a deep Migi Sochin Dachi F6. Press inward with a Hidari Gedan Tate Shotei Uchi T8 as you rotate slightly CW. Your right forearm will act as a check.
Ju RokuMoving Target DRotate left to establish Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi F6 as you strike at the Jodan level with your right bicep muscle. Return your right arm to guard position. Now step back slightly L7 and deliver a Migi Chudan Gyaku Tsuki T4.
Ju NanaMoving Target DDeliver a Migi Mae Geri T4 at floor level and then pull the right knee upward. Now deliver a Migi Mae Fumikomi Geri T4. Return this leg by stepping R5 into Migi Juji Dachi F1 then step L5 to form Heiko Dachi F1.
Ju HachiCrack the Bell DRaise closed hands up to your forehead as you shuffle R7L7 into Migi Sochin Dachi F1. Strike with successive Hidari Jodan Yoko Empi Uchi and Migi Jodan Mawashi Empi Uchi as you rotate into Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi F3. Return your left closed hand to your left hip and your right closed hand to a guard position.
Ju KuCrack the Bell DRotating right, strike with Hidari Chudan Ura Ken Tsuki T1 followed by Migi Otoshi Tettsui Uchi T1 and establish Migi Zenkutsu Dachi F1. Allow your left elbow to remain near your left ribs. Shift back into Migi Sochin Dachi F1 as you position your right hand, palm down forward of your center and then raise your right leg to strike with Migi Mae Hiza Geri so it strikes your right hand. Return your right leg to its original position and reach beyond your left elbow with your open right hand. Close the right hand then swing the right hand forcefully up then downward T1 until the right-hand returns just below your right hip. Step forward L7 to form Heiko Dachi F1.
Ni JuStick of Doom DShuffle R7L7 to form a shallow Migi Sochin Dachi F1. Use a Hidari Mantis Hand to move toward A3 then pull this hand inward briskly until it is pressing into your left rib cage.
Ni Ju IchiStick of Doom DShift your stance into a Migi Sanchin Dachi F5 as you strike with Migi Jodan Mantis Hand. Shuffle slightly R7L7 into a shallow Sochin Dachi F1 as your left arm slips behind your back. Strike with Migi Jodan Tate Tettsui Uchi T5.
Ni Ju NiStick of Doom DStep slightly R7 to establish Migi Zenkutsu Dachi F1 then immediately rotate CCW into Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi F3 as you strike with Migi Jodan Gyaku Tsuki T3. Step forward with the right leg to form Heiko Dachi F3.
Ni Ju SanBox of Horrors DHook your open left hand inward at your left shoulder and then step L2R2 into Migi Neko Ashi Dachi F1 as you raise your right hand to guard position.
Ni Ju YonBox of Horrors DStep R7 into Kiba Dachi F5. Briskly move your left hand outward and downward from your shoulder and then return it to an effective guard position and strike with Migi Jodan Tettsui Uchi T5.
Ni Ju GoBox of Horrors DPlace both open hands at your center point with open palms facing downward. Press down with both hands as you raise your right knee into Migi Mae Hiza Geri. The knee should strike one or both of your descending hands. Step back R2 to establish Heiko Dachi F1.
Ni Ju RokuYoi, Yame

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