Kuikku Bouei Shodan

This is the first of the three Kuikku Bouei Kata. After you have learned the essential movements consider what you are doing at each step and how this affects your opponent. Practicing the individual sequences with another person may provide you with significant insights into what is happening and the benefits of each action.

This version does include apparent strikes. In some situations, you might opt to use them as strikes. In other cases, you might elect to use them as mere pushes, parries, or guiding movements that affect an opponent’s structure. In reality, the choice is yours, based upon your needs in a specific situation. Practice these movements both with power and intent and with a more persuasive rather than percussive purpose.

This form is based on the Escaping concept in the ETD model. If you are not familiar with this model then you may wish to review the ETD Model link found at the bottom of this page.

Kuikku Bouei Shodan Procedure

This Kata definition relies heavily on Octagon abbreviations. If you are unfamiliar with these abbreviations you will want to visit the Octagon link at the bottom of the page.

IchiPerform the traditional opening salutation.
NiThrottle Back EPress the toes and ball of the right foot into the mat and then lift the left leg and shuffle L3R3 to establish Heiko Dachi F1.
SanThrottle Back ERaise your open left hand to your left collar bone. Your palm should be facing forward. Concurrent with this movement, pull down with your open right hand near your right shoulder. Step L7 to form Migi Sochin Dachi F2 while keeping the left hand rigidly in place. Now move both hands to guard position.
YonSolitary Rod EShuffle forward slightly by stepping R8L8 while maintaining a right hand forward guard. Immediately step back L5 while holding your arms rigidly in guard position as you establish Migi Sochin Dachi F4.
GoSolitary Rod ESlide your left leg forward to create Heiko Dachi F4.
RokuHooking Serpent EConcurrently hook your right hand inward near your right shoulder as you move your left leg back toward A5 and drop back onto your left knee. Immediately rise back up and push forward with your left hand as you bring your right leg back to form Heiko Dachi F4.
NanaKangaroo Down EShuffle L7R7 and turn to form Migi Neko Ashi Dachi F2. Shuffle forward R8L8 to establish Migi Sochin Dachi F6 as you extend your open left hand, thumb down, T2. Hook your hand toward the left and then pull it in to your center.
HachiKangaroo Down EWhile maintaining an erect upper torso and without stepping, rotate CCW into a Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi F7 and press with Migi Gedan Shotei Uchi T7. Return both hands to guard position and slide the left leg back to establish Heiko Dachi F1.
KuTilt O’Whirl EStep R7L7 to form Heisoku Dachi F3. Transfer your weight onto your left leg and then step R3 as you extend your open right hand, thumb down, at the Jodan Level T3. Hook the fingers of the right hand slightly to your right.
JuTilt O’Whirl EMaintaining your current hand right position, rotate CW to form Migi Juji Dachi F5 then raise the left leg in Hidari Hiza Geri T1. Return this leg by stepping back to A2, forming a Migi Sochin Dachi F5 as both open hands rise to Chudan guard position.
Ju IchiParallel Universe EHook the left hand inward at the wrist near your left shoulder as you concurrently rotate your center CCW slightly and press a Migi Chudan Gake Shuto Uchi in and then downward T3.
Ju NiParallel Universe ELocking both of your arms in place, rotate your center briskly CW until your center is near A1. Move your left arm to the Jodan level directly along your center line with your thumb pointed downward and your fingers curled slightly inward.
Ju SanParallel Universe EPull in slightly with the left hand along your center line and hold this hand on your center line as you rotate briskly to the left. Continue this rotation as you step L6 to establish Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi F2 and concurrently press forward with Migi Gedan Shotei Uchi T2.
Ju YonEscape By Eight EShift your weight back to establish Hidari Sochin Dachi F2 then rotate CW and retract the right leg to form a Migi Neko Ashi Dachi F3.
Ju GoEscape By Eight EEnsure both hands are up in closed guard position with the left hand forward of the right hand. Raise the right leg to deliver a Migi Mae Geri T3. As this leg is returning, deliver a Hidari Uraken Uchi T3. Return the right leg back to A7 to form Hidari Sochin Dachi F3.
Ju RokuShips in the Night EWithout stepping, rotate right to form Migi Sochin Dachi F1. Now step L5R1 and then step L7 to form Hidari Sochin Dachi F2. While rotating to establish this stance raise your open right hand to Jodan level and in a circular movement place the hand forward at your center then pull this hand back in to your center. This hand is performing an inward spiral movement. As your right hand comes inward press outward with Hidari Chudan Shotei Uchi T6. Leaving Both hands in place, rotate CCW to from Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi F4.
Ju NanaMoving Target ELook to A4 and then step forward with the right leg to form a Heisoku Dachi F4. Now step R6L6 to form a very temporary Heisoku Dachi F1 and immediately step R4L4 to form another temporary Heisoku Dachi F5. Step L3 into Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi F5 and strike with Migi Chudan Shotei Uchi T5.
Ju HachiFront Bear Hug Pinned EStep forward R1 to form Hidari Sanchin Dachi F3. Press both knees firmly inward as you press Morote Chudan Shotei Uchi T3.
Ju KuAttacking the Wall EStep L8R4 to form Hidari Sochin Dachi F5 as you parry in an outward direction using the right forearm. Without stepping, shift your stance into a Kiba Dachi F1 and extend your open left hand, palm down, directly forward of your shoulder so that your arm is moderately straight.
Ni JuAttacking the Wall EConcurrently pull your left hand inward toward your center, begin rotation in a CCW direction, and extend your open right hand, with thumb pointed upward, directly forward of your center at Jodan level. As the rotation continues, step back L2 to form Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi F8 and press the right hand downward into Migi Gedan Shotei Uchi T8.
Ni Ju IchiCrossing the Bridge EStep R2 such that the right leg moves behind the left leg to form a temporary Hidari Juji Dachi F2. Continue movement in the direction of A2 and kick with a Hidari Yoko Geri T2. Do not return the leg but use it to step L8.
Ni Ju NiRotate CW and pull the right leg back to form Heiko Dachi F1. Yoi. Yame.

Further Comments

You may notice that the Kata has a stationary position that is established before the start of each technique. Once you become quite familiar with the form you can begin to eliminate these temporary positions or pauses. They are there merely to aid in the learning process. Once you are practiced at the Kata you may optionally delete these intermediate positions in favor of a more flowing performance pattern.

These stationary positions exist in all three of the Kuikku Bouei Kata. They can be eliminated when you have become accomplished at the performance of each form.

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