Kuikku Bouei Nidan

The Nidan version of the Kuikku Bouei Kata has some very unusual movements. These may seem complicated at first but experiment with them to understand when they might be effective. Again try to understand how the movements affect both yourself and your opponent.

This form is based on the Thwarting concept in the ETD Model. If you are not familiar with this model then you may wish to review the link found at the bottom of this page.

There is a great deal of Bunkai in each of the Kuikku Bouei Kata and the Nidan version has some of the most complex movements of any of these forms. Often movements are best done in a very subtle manner as that is when they will be most effective. At other times movements are brisk and focused.

There are two major steps to learning any of the Kuikku Bouei forms. The first is to learn the sequence of movements. This is not always easy, but the explanations and associated videos should help you perfect these movements.

The second part of learning these Kata is to understand the Bunkai for each motion and movement in these forms. You will want to understand and appreciate not only what you are doing, but why and under what circumstances these movements might apply.

Kuikku Bouei Nidan Procedure

This Kata definition relies heavily on Octagon abbreviations. If you are unfamiliar with these abbreviations you will want to visit the Octagon link at the bottom of the page.

IchiPerform the traditional opening salutation.
NiMenacing Elbows TStep L5R3 to establish Hidari Sochin Dachi F4 while concurrently pressing your right forearm downward as you rotate your center CW. Now press your right hand downward near your lower torso and begin rotating your center CCW.
SanMenacing Elbows TAs your center passes through A4 insert your left arm forward and down and raise your right arm to guard position. Continue rotating CCW.
YonMenacing Elbows TAs your center begins to approach A1 step forward R7 to establish Migi Sochin Dachi F1 as you strike with a Migi Chudan Tate Empi Uchi T1.
GoMenacing Elbows TRaise your right elbow upward until it is parallel with your fist (both at the same distance from the floor) and then step forward L5 to form a Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi F1. Press your right bicep forward T1 concurrent with your stance transition. Shift your weight back to form a Hidari Sochin Dachi F1.
RokuLone Rail TStep forward with your right leg to form Heiko Dachi F1 as you raise your open right hand above your right shoulder and close the hand tightly just above your shoulder joint. Immediately step L7 and, without stopping, step L6. Extend your open left hand, palm down, T3 at shoulder level. Hook the fingers of the left hand downward slightly and then step L4 as you hold both arms in a fixed position relative to your center. Step forward R4 to establish Heiko Dachi F4.
NanaHooking Serpent TRaise both closed hands up to ear level as you step R7 and bend forward deeply in a Migi Sochin Dachi F1. Immediately strike with Morote Gedan Tettsui Uchi. The left arm should strike higher and further away than the right arm and both strikes should cross one another as they move inward toward your center line. Return the open right hand near your right ear while the open left hand rises directly upward to Jodan Level.
HachiHooking Serpent TWhile remaining bent forward at the waist, close all fingers of the left hand except the index and middle fingers, which should remain extended and pressed together. Raise the left hand upward then in toward your center (while remaining at Jodan level) and then downward a short distance (perhaps eight inches or so) such that the index finger is on the bottom and your left palm faces away. Press the left hand away (at Jodan Level) while concurrently inverting the left hand, causing the index finger to now be on top with your left palm facing you. Now raise your torso upward as you press a Migi Jodan Shotei Uchi T3 while shifting into a Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi F3. Step forward R3 to establish Heiko Dachi F3.
KuShattered Mirror TStep R5 to establish Migi Zenkutsu Dachi F3 as you strike with Migi Gedan Oi Tsuki T2 (this will be a strike at right angles to your center). Raise your open left hand to the outside of your right forearm so that the back of your left hand rests against the outside of your right forearm. Simultaneously issue a Hidari Tate Shuto Uchi T2 as you briskly return your right elbow to your right side. Close your open left hand.
JuShattered Mirror TPull your left arm inward in the direction of your left hip as you rotate CCW into Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi F2 and strike with Migi Gedan Shotei Uchi T2. Step back with the right leg to form Heiko Dachi F1.
Ju IchiParallel Universe TStep back L2 and pull the right leg inward slightly to establish a Hachiji Dachi F5. Strike with Morote Chudan Ura Shuto Uchi T5. Press these strikes outward, then downward, and finally inward. Close both hands and strike directly along your center line with Morote Ura Tsuki T5, returning both hands to guard position.
Ju NiParallel Universe TStep slightly L2 and raise the right leg to deliver Migi Chudan Yoko Geri T5. Return this leg R6 to establish a Hidari Sochin Dachi F1.
Ju SanMoving Target TStep L5R5 and then L6 to establish a temporary Hidari Sochin Dachi F2. Bend your left knee significantly in the direction of A2.
Ju YonMoving Target TStep back R3 and strike with Hidari Gedan Yoko Geri T6. Return the left leg to A1 to form Heiko Dachi F4.
Ju GoAccordion TStep forward R6L6 and strike with Migi Gedan Tate Empi Uchi T4. Without returning this arm, form a Migi Tate Gake Shuto Uke. Drop your elbow slightly and turn your center slightly CCW.
Ju RokuAccordion TContinue rotating and strike with Migi Jodan Shotei Uchi T7. As your rotation approaches A7, turn your right palm toward you and bend your fingers slightly inward.
Ju NanaAccordion TImmediately begin rotating CW as you use your right forearm to press slightly forward and then down. As your rotation returns you to your center position pull our right hand down and inward briskly, then alter direction and press forward and down with your forearm.
Ju HachiFront Bear Hug Free TStep back L8 to establish Migi Sochin Dachi F1. Place your open left arm palm down and forward at waist level. Place your open right hand palm up at the Chudan level along your center line. Extend your left ring finger downward and pull inward as you rotate on the ball of the left foot and turn briskly to establish Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi F3. Both hands should concurrently move CCW in an arc around your center as you rotate into the Zenkutsu Dachi.
Ju KuRolling Thunder TStep forward with the right leg into Heiko Dachi F3 then step L8 and pull the right leg in toward the left leg and establish Migi Neko Ashi Dachi F1. Immediately step forward R1 into Migi Sochin Dachi F5 as you raise your right arm to a center guard or checking position at the Chudan level.
Ni JuRolling Thunder TDeliver a Jodan Hidari Yoko Empi Uchi T5 and immediately rotate into Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi F3 and strike with Chudan Migi Otoshi Empi Uchi T3.
Ni Ju IchiIntercepting Dragon TPlace your open left hand palm down near your lower abdomen and then, keeping the hand in this location, step L8R2 into Hidari Sochin Dachi F1. Close the left hand and place the right hand beside the left hand and close it as well. Both hands should touch one another with the thumb on top and fingers underneath.
Ni Ju NiIntercepting Dragon TStep L2 and pivot into a Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi F8 as your hands move in an arc from your right hip, to your upper chest and then back down to your left hip. Hold the hands tightly closed and pull the right leg forward into a Hidari Ura Neko Ashi Dachi F8.
Ni Ju SanIntercepting Dragon TRaise the left leg and step L8 to establish Hidari Hangetsu Dachi F3. Pull up with both arms toward your abdomen then return your left arm to guard position and continue moving the right arm until it is just outside of your right thigh. Press the right arm backward slightly.
Ni Ju YonStep forward L1 to form Heiko Dachi F1. Yoi. Yame.

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