Orange Belt Renraku Keri No Waza

Most of the kicks at this level of your training will involve kicking combinations that utilize one or both legs. When kicking you must pay attention to the knee position between the two kicks. After the first kick the knee must be returned and properly positioned such that the second kick can be issued without delay. After the second kick the knee must be returned so that the leg can be returned in a swift and controlled manner back to the floor. Practice getting your foot back to the floor in as little time as possible so that you can swiftly transition to a subsequent movement.

You must also pay close attention to your balance. Multiple kicks can twist and throw the body in a multitude of directions and this can cause a severe loss of balance. Strive to prevent leaning forward, back, or to the side when kicking. Always try to remain upright and in perfect balance the entire time. This is critical to make not only the kicking combination work well, but to ensure you can quickly prepare to meet any counter attack from your opponent or move on to address your next opportunity.

When practicing these kicks you may have occasion to lose your balance and perhaps fall. This will afford you an opportunity to practice your falling skills. To prevent potential injury you should always practice these kicks in a location where an unintentional fall will not lead to injury to yourself or others and will not cause property damage.

Renraku Keri No Waza

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