Orange Belt Renraku Uke No Waza

Renraku” means a combination, so all of the blocks in the Nanakyu curriculum refer to blocks done in combination. At this level in your training, blocking combinations will usually involve two hands. Blocks may involve blocking with one hand and then blocking immediately with another (Keiretsu Uke) or may involve both hands blocking simultaneously (Morote Uke). In some Morote Uke, one hand is merely assisting the other hand, but both hands are involved in the blocking action

Usually, blocks are designed to address one single attack, but on occasion, you may find that a blocking combination works well as defense against a striking combination. This would generally indicate improper movement on your part, however. Ideally, you would move when the first strike is initiated and therefore you would no longer be in the original position to block the second strike (which in reality will probably not occur). But of course, if you find that using a combination against two different strikes is needed (even when you have moved properly), don’t hesitate to use it in this manner.

In the following sections, we classify blocks as being high, mid, low, or multi-level blocks. Please keep in mind that these levels refer to the most common usage of these blocks. It is perfectly valid to use a high-level block on a low-level target if that suits a particular circumstance. So, the classifications provided below are little more than a generalization. Use whatever block makes sense at the moment.

Renraku Uke No Waza

Remember to consider guard positioning before, during, and after these blocks.

These upper level blocks all deal with a strike that may be directed to your upper torso or head level. As a result, the normal positioning for these blocks is ...
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Mid-Level Blocks Mawashi Empi Uke In this blocking strategy, the fists of each hand are placed onto their respective hips such that the upper bone of each finger (the proximal ...
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You may often find the need to block at multiple levels either concurrently or in a sequence. In this article, we will cover this form of blocking that is a ...
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