Orange Belt Renraku Atemi No Waza

The hand strikes in this belt almost always involve multiple strikes used in combination (Renraku). These strikes may be delivered by a single arm, or more commonly by both arms either concurrently or in rapid succession. Some strikes are delivered at a single level, while other strikes are focused at more than one level (Jodan, Chudan, or Gedan). Some combinations require a specific stance transition between two strikes, while other strikes may be done from a single stance or from no predefined stance.

After you have mastered a striking combination you should consider how it might be employed with a different hand structure. For example, if a strike calls for a closed fist, then consider ways in which it might also be delivered with an open hand. The opposite might be considered for a strike calling for an open hand. This will increase your arsenal of potential striking combinations and will also suggest to you some strikes that you would not wish to utilize.

For the purpose of clarification the following definitions are used:

  • Closed Hand – A tightly balled fist in which all fingers are tucked up under the palm and the thumb is pressed across the middle phalanges of the index and middle fingers.
  • Open Hand – Any hand position in which one or more fingers, or the thumb, is not in the position defined for a closed hand; even if the remaining fingers are in a closed hand position.

Renraku Atemi No Waza

For ranking examination purposes you should perform the combinations as defined below.

In this section, we will discuss those combinations that are predominantly delivered with closed fists. These will include both Keiretsu and Morote striking combinations. Many of the striking combinations involve ...
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The following strikes (Atemi) combinations involve using at least one elbow as a striking surface. Again be sure to avoid using the tip of the elbow to strike any hard ...
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The combinations in this section include all of the striking sequences where one hand is closed and the other is open. Shuto Uchi – Gyaku Tsuki This combination is again ...
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-In this section, we discuss strikes where both hands are open upon contact. Try practicing these strikes when the hands are a) open the entire time, and b) opened just ...
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