Tensoku Ryu Jo Yondan

This Jo Kata deals with multiples. It addresses working at multiple levels and using multiple movements in combination against multiple opponents. It also deals, for the first time, with Jo Dori.

This form is significantly longer and more complex than the first three Tensoku Ryu Jo Kata. It also takes up a substantial amount of floor space. Give yourself plenty of room when practicing this form. The form also uses several high-level swinging motions that require a relatively high ceiling. The absolute minimum safe ceiling height is probably nine feet. Any lower and your ceiling will definitely suffer dents and abrasions. You could still suffer these issues even with a nine-foot ceiling. You will want to be careful if practicing this form in a basement with a low ceiling for example.

There is a fair amount of subtly in this form. Many movements may be used in ways that are not obvious initially. Much of this subtlety occurs when performing those movements that occur in the vicinity of angle eight. There is a lot going on here and much of it is not obvious. See if you can figure it out before seeking other sources of explanation.

All of the Octagon angle references in this form represent global octagon angles unless otherwise specified.

Tensoku Ryu Jo Yondan Procedure

The following description utilizes the Octagon angle reference abbreviations. You may wish to review these abbreviations in our post about The Octagon prior to studying the following procedure.

IchiBegin with Jo Rei.
NiPlace your left hand slightly behind your left hip as you step R7L2 to form Migi Kokutsu Dachi F5 and raise the weapon with your right hand with the thumb pointing downward so it sweeps in front of your torso and then along your left side and finally around behind your back. As the weapon again reaches your right side invert the weapon and grasp the bottom with your left hand and strike downward with a Migi Shomen Uchi T5.
SanWithout stepping strike with a Hidari Yokomen Uchi T5 followed by a Migi Shomen Uchi T5.
YonStep back R6 into a Migi Zenkutsu Dachi F4 and strike back with Hidari Chudan Ushiro Tsuki T5 followed immediately by Migi Chudan Tsuki T4.
GoInvert the weapon as you deliver a Hidari Age Uchi T4. Raise the right hand to place the weapon on your right shoulder then step L7 to establish Hidari Sochin Dachi F4 and strike with Hidari Chudan Tsuki T4.
RokuStep R6 to establish a Migi Sochin Dachi F4 and strike with a Migi Yokomen Uchi T4.
NanaStep back R8 to form an erect Hidari Renoji Dachi F4 as you release your right hand and use your left hand to swing the weapon downward T4, outward and upward T8, and then downward T4.
HachiStep back L5 to from an erect Migi Renoji Dachi F4 and continue swinging the weapon, this time downward T4, outward and upward T5, and then downward T4.
KuStep back R3 to form an erect Hidari Renoji Dachi F4 and continue to swing the weapon, this time downward T4, outward and upward T8, and then downward T4.
JuStep further back R3 into Migi Zenkutsu Dachi F8 as you continue swinging the weapon and then strike up and forward with Migi Chudan Tsuki T8.
Ju IchiStep forward L3 into Migi Juji Dachi as the weapon is retracted slightly and then grabbed at the far end of the weapon with the right hand with the thumb facing away. Place the opposite end of the weapon on the floor near your left leg and grasp the weapon with the left hand somewhere below the right hand. Both thumbs should point upward.
Ju NiShift your weight onto your left leg and deliver Migi Chudan Yoko Kekomi Geri T8 while using the vertical weapon for light and temporary balance support.
Ju SanWithout returning the kick, step forward R3 into Migi Sochin Dachi F8 and, without moving your hand positions, strike with Hidari Gedan Barai Uchi T8.
Ju YonStep L2 into Hidari Sochin Dachi F8 and strike with Migi Yokomen Uchi T8.
Ju GoInvert your right hand grip and raise the weapon to a vertical position with the open left palm at top, with fingers pointed upward and pressing into the weapon from behind. Concurrently drop into a very deep Kiba Dachi.
Ju RokuContinue pressing downward and inward with the left palm as you rotate your center T3. As your weapon reaches the Gedan level, release your left hand and place it below your weapon. Close your left hand firmly under the left end of your weapon.
Ju NanaRest your weapon on top of your left wrist and then raise your left arm until your weapon is pointed at the Jodan level T8. Strike using the right hand with Migi Jodan Tsuki T8.
Ju HachiRest the back end of the weapon between your right upper arm and right ribs and, while still supporting the weapon with your left wrist rotate your weapon in a small clockwise circle T8. As the circle is completed step slightly as needed to establish Heiko Dachi F3.
Ju KuPull inward abruptly with your left hand as you strike with Hidari Yoko Geri T8.
Ni JuReturn the left leg by stepping L1 into a temporary Migi Juji Dachi as the left hand delivers a very brisk Hidari Gedan Web Hand T1.
Ni Ju IchiStep forward R5 to establish Hidari Sochin Dachi F2 and strike with Hidari Ura Yokomen Uchi T2.
Ni Ju NiGrasping the weapon at both 1/3 points place your right hand immediately forward of your forehead and your left hand at Chudan level at a point forward of your right hand and along your center line. While maintaining your hands in this position, rotate CCW by stepping R6L8 to establish Migi Zenkutsu Dachi F1. As you land in this stance release your left hand, turn the weapon over, grab the bottom of the weapon with the left hand and then strike down with Migi Shomen Uchi T1.
Ni Ju SanRelease your left hand and retract the weapon so you can grab the weapon with your left hand at the forward 1/3 point. Step forward L5 into Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi and strike with Hidari Chudan Uchi T1.
Ni Ju YonRotate the end of the weapon in a small CW Chudan circle as you retract the weapon toward your right hip and pull your left leg back to establish Hidari Neko Ashi Dachi F1.
Ni Ju GoShuffle L5R3 into Hidari Sochin Dachi F7 as you perform a rising CCW Hidari Chudan circle with the weapon and strike with Hidari Ura Yokomen Uchi T7.
Ni Ju RokuStep back R6L8 into Migi Zenkutsu Dachi F1 and strike with Migi Shomen Uchi T1.
Ni Ju NanaStep forward with the left leg to form Heisoku Dachi F1 as you release your left arm and return it to your left side. Concurrently lower your right arm to your right side to bring the weapon back to its starting position. Jo Rei. Yame.

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