Tensoku Ryu Jo Godan

The Tensoku Ryu Jo Godan Kata deals with Nage while using the Jo weapon. In most cases, the opponent is grabbing (or attempting to grab) your weapon. The Kata focuses not only on how to perform a throw but what you might consider doing during or after the throw. A fight is seldom ended simply because someone has fallen to the ground.

In many of the scenarios depicted in this Kata, the Uke is attempting to grab your weapon in some manner. Since the opponent will do this with force and an aggressive attitude (Yang) we must respond in a relaxed and almost casual manner (Yin). In the descriptions below the Yin Movement describes one option that might be employed to rob the Uke (or opponent) of their intended strength advantage. It is important to study the benefits of Yin movements in these situations. Where practical, consider other Yin motions that might provide you with an advantage where relevant in this Kata.

There are a great many subtle movements in this Kata. Certainly, the Yin movements are of a subtle nature. But there are many other places where small or subtle movements occur. These are usually quite important and should not be ignored. Try to understand how they impact your opponent, for that, is normally their purpose.

You may notice that not all grasping transitions are discussed in detail. As a Tensoku Ryu practitioner, you are experienced enough with this weapon to know when and how to change your grip to accomplish a specific action. This also affords you an opportunity to be creative with how you accomplish a described task.

All of the Octagon angle references in this form represent global octagon angles unless otherwise specified.

Tensoku Ryu Jo Godan Procedure

The following description utilizes the Octagon angle reference abbreviations. You may wish to review these abbreviations in our post about The Octagon prior to studying the following procedure.

StepNageOpponent ActionYin MovementSequence
IchiBegin with Jo Rei.
NiIchiRushes From A1NoneRaise the lower end of the weapon upward and strike with single arm Migi Chudan Tsuki T1 while bending both knees moderately.
SanIchiGrabs the weapon with both hands, placing their right hand forward of the left near the end of the weapon.Pull the back of the weapon up gently.Grasp the weapon with the left hand forward of the right hand with the left palm facing downward. Rotate your center slightly to the left as you concurrently twist the shaft of the weapon CCW slightly. Step R7 into Kiba Dachi F5 and move the far end of the weapon downward and to the left T3 then upward and to the right T5 in a continuous CCW arc.
YonIchiHas fallenStep L2 to establish Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi F8 and strike with Migi Otoshi Uchi T8.
GoNiGrabs the weapon from the left side with left hand near the end, the right hand at the far 1/3 point, both palms are down.Rotate the shaft of the weapon gently about 1/3 turn CCW as you pull in slightly.Shift your stance back into Migi Sochin Dachi F5 and guide the weapon in a downward arc T5. Without stepping, raise the weapon in an arc that starts at Gedan Level T5 and rises upward to Jodan Level T3. Now press the weapon downward T8 to Gedan Level and subsequently step L2 to establish Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi F8.
RokuNiOpponent has fallen backward onto back or rear.Step R8 into Heisoku Dachi F3 and strike with Hidari Gedan Tsuki T8. Then step R7L7R7 to establish Migi Zenkutsu Dachi F1 and strike with Migi Chudan Tsuki T1.
NanaSanGrabs weapon from the front (A1) near the end with left hand, palm up.Pull the weapon back slightly as you rotate the shaft CW approximately 1/3 turn. Leaving the front hand stationary, raise the back hand slightlyApply the Yin movements then abruptly step L4 to form Heiko Dachi F3. Without stopping step back R7 into a deep Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi F3.
HachiSanOpponent has fallen on their rear directly at A1. May subsequently roll onto back.Without stepping rotate CW into Migi Zenkutsu Dachi F1 as you strike with Hidari Gedan Uchi T1. Release your left hand and step back L8 as you swing the weapon over your head and behind your back, ultimately striking down and through A1 again. Catch the weapon in your left hand as the end approaches A8 after the strike. Step back L6 to form Migi Sochin Dachi F3 as you press a Migi Gedan Tsuki T3.
KuYonGrabs the weapon from the front (A3) somewhat beyond the end of the weapon with the left hand, palm down.Perform a rowing motion with the weapon. Left arm moves up, out, down and back, right arm moves down, back, up and forward in a motion similar to rowing a canoe.Step L3 into Heiko Dachi F2 while performing the Yin movement. Now focus on the movement of the right arm, pressing it down into the opponent’s wrist. As you feel resistance pull the weapon back in the direction of A4 to force the opponent to the ground T3.
JuYonHas fallen forward onto the knees or perhaps rolled forwardDeliver a Migi Gedan Yoko Kekomi Geri T3 to ensure opponent has released the weapon. Return the kick by stepping back R4 to form a temporary Juji Dachi and then step back L6 to form Migi Sochin Dachi F3 while holding the weapon pointed T3 at waist level with the right hand in front. The returning kick may step in front of or behind the pedestal leg when forming the Juji Dachi.
Ju IchiGoGrabs weapon from left front with both hands near end of weapon, their left hand is toward front of weapon.Push forward slightly then loosen your grip to defeat opponent’s optimal structure.Apply the Yin movement then slide your feet alternately forward R3L3R3. On the first step lower your right arm and raise your left arm. As the weapon reaches a vertical orientation, lower the left arm and raise the right and continue stepping forward. This motion is again like rowing. First you row right, then you row left. As the weapon reaches vertical again, briskly lower the weapon with the right arm T3.
Ju NiGoRolls forward onto back.Step back with the right leg into Heiko Dachi F1.
Ju SanRokuGrabs weapon from front, right hand forward, palm down, left hand at end of the weapon, palm facing up.Move your back hand up to vertical by pressing forward gently while pulling in.Step back slightly L8 and offer the end of the weapon for the opponent to grab. Perform the Yin movement and then press the forward (lower) end of the weapon toward the floor. Step L5R1 as you concurrently rotate CCW, step under the weapon, and raise the weapon horizontally at the Jodan level. Now press the end of the weapon toward the floor T2 as you step back L7 to establish Migi Han Zenkutsu Dachi F2.
Ju YonRokuOpponent will typically fall on their back.Shuffle L2R2 to establish Migi Zenkutsu Dachi F2 as you concurrently rotate the weapon 360° along your right side until you strike with Migi Otoshi Uchi T2. Without stepping rotate CCW to establish Hidari Sochin Dachi F4 as you grasp weapon with right hand at the nearest end and left hand at 1/3 point. The weapon should be pointing T4 at the Chudan level.
Ju GoNanaGrabs with right hand near the end of the weapon and left hand between your two hands.Push the right hand away from your hips (outward of your hips) as you rotate your center left and then right until you are again centered T4. Pull your right hand back to your side.Perform the Yin movement as you raise far end of weapon up until it is above opponent’s right wrist. Rotate weapon with moderate CW rotation until it presses down on opponent’s wrists. Descend briskly into Hidari Iaigoshi Dachi F6 to force opponent downward. Opponent will be forced to the ground on his or her knees or back.
Ju RokuNanaOpponent is on knees typically leaning backward significantly.Stand and deliver Hidari Mae Mawashi Geri T6. Return this leg T3 and adopt Heisoku Dachi F1. Spin the weapon one complete revolution vertically on your left side and then right side.
Ju NanaJo Rei. Yame.

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