Yellow Belt Kata

After you have earned your first stripe you, as a Yellow Belt candidate, will begin to study Kata. You will study two Kata that stress fundamental skills development and knowledge, including blocking, striking, stance work, octagon angles, and centering. There is truly a great deal to learn.

Kata (Forms)

Kihonteki Shodan is an introductory Kata intended to focus attention on octagon angles, two basic stances, and fundamental blocks that every student should master. The Kata is also used to ...
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Kihonteki Nidan is intended to provide a mechanism for the practice and perfection of various Atemi. This Kata is sometimes referred to as the Striking Set, but the Kihonteki Nidan ...
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Students who are studying to achieve the Yellow Belt ranking must learn and become proficient at performing two Tensoku Ryu Kihonteki Kata. These Kata (forms) are designed to reinforce knowledge ...
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