Iaigoshi Dachi

Iaigoshi Dachi (Kneeling Stance) is similar to the Soft Bow Stance but there are a few differences. The first is that the back knee descends and rests on the floor. The second is that the stance is narrower (left to right) than the Soft Bow Stance, and the third is that the back knee rests about one fist’s length behind the front heel (though this can vary).

The stance is commonly employed in weapons training, but is also quite useful in various throws and as a way of delivering blows to an opponent who is on the ground.

This is a low level or seated posture. You are resting on the back leg with a significant amount of your weight placed over the back leg. The position of your torso over the back leg can vary with your intent and application. Sometimes your torso will be back while at other times it may be more forward. In Iaido your posture will often be pulled back while in hand arts you are more likely to be somewhat forward. The position of the front foot will naturally move as your torso is positioned forward or back.

The term “Iai” refers to sword arts while the term “Goshi” refers to posture. So this stance refers to a seated posture used often in Iaido and related sword arts. But the stance is useful in other arts as well.

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