Instructor Required

It is not possible to learn Tensoku Ryu or any other significant martial art solely from reading printed materials and/or watching videos. Learning any martial art requires that you receive constant improvement suggestions and advice from a qualified instructor. You must also be able to practice the requisite skills of an art on another person who can knowingly suggest ways in which your movements, structure, positioning, and intensity might be altered for improved results.

It is also critical that you be able to try things on people that will fail. You will learn much more through failure than you will through success. The martial arts are soundly based on the principle of learning through failure. Once you try
something you may find it didn’t turn out as you had planned, and now you know something you did not know before. This form of learning is only possible when you are working with someone who is substantially more experienced than yourself.

While we provide a tremendous amount of material on this site and on the Sei Tensoku Ryu site, this material is intended to augment your instruction, not serve as a substitute for it. You cannot learn our art, or any other martial art simply by studying these or similar materials.

Unfortunately it is always possible to misinterpret something you have read or have viewed online. It is also possible to think a specific skill may be applicable in situations where it will, in truth, not work. Only the ongoing guidance and support of an instructor can make these distinctions clear. It is only in the context of the try – fail – learn model that one can truly appreciate a martial art. This requires the services of a qualified instructor.

No matter which martial art you decide to study, seek the services of an experienced and qualified instructor in that art. You won’t regret it.

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